Photo Credit: Anna Hudson


I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’ve always loved photography. The truth is after college I took a massive break and I didn’t love it. In fact, I decided I wanted to be an attorney. I told my attorney father that and he started to cry and said, “Oh God Kate, NO! This is the worst job ever.” But I’m a firm believer of not listening to my parents and went on to be a paralegal for 10 years. I still love the law, but pushing papers didn’t feed my soul. You know what feeds my soul? Watching two people madly, crazy, drunkenly in love commit themselves to each other. I thrive on people and relationships. I passionately believe that the best photographs actually come from amazing relationships between the photographer and the subjects. Where I can capture you being yourselves! I love showing up to weddings knowing my couple and giving them a big hug and being so genuinely excited for them and being able to laugh and have fun. So let’s get together, have some drinks or coffee and share some jokes. I’m excited to meet you!

Facts about Kate Davis:

  1. I started photography when I was forced to take it in college for my art degree. My professor was hot, so I attended every single 8 am class. I fell in love that semester, but with photography. I learned photography on film in college along with art history and all that jazz, however I am self taught when it comes to digital. (So that should tell you my age.)

  2. I'm born and raised in Colorado. I love everything about Colorado, I love the mountains, and the eastern plains. They have so much beauty and there is so much to offer. I'm based around Denver-Boulder, but I love to explore and get out!! Traveling makes my heart happy.

  3. I hate eating fish. HATE IT. I got engaged to my husband contingent on eating 1 bite of Fish and Chips; I choked it down. I love that man.

  4. I tend to laugh and joke around all the time. This is awkward at funerals.

  5. I have two children. They look nothing like me, but when they open their mouths, you will fully know they are mine.

  6. I hate mornings, but I choose to get up at 5 am to drink coffee so I won't eat my children.

  7. I'm an outdoor girl. I'm happiest when I'm on my kayak, hiking in our gorgeous mountains or outside walking around in the city.

  8. Nobody is more terrified of snakes than I am. This works out well when I'm out running and I scream at every stick in the grass.

  9. I've never claimed to be graceful, which is why my equipment is fully insured, along with my business.

Photo Credit:  Anna Hudson

Photo Credit: Anna Hudson