Jeff and Terra

I met Terra a while ago while working at a restaurant that will not be given any credit.  (Look at this point you will probably think it was Hooters, but let's be real here, we've met right?)  Everyone loves Terra, she's a smart, sassy and strong girl (I know this because we were horsing around and she punched me in the arm and it hurt....for days). 

Terra contacted me to take some photos of her and the hubs.  Even though she and her husband Jeff have been married for 11 years, their wedding photos were the last time they had formal photos together.  And of' coarse their fur babies Griffin and Lacey were there too.  These Goldendoodles were the most majestic dogs I have ever seen.  So fun to be around, fluffy, sweet and loving.  I instantly came home and started my campaign to Jace as to why a Goldendoodle should be our next dog.  For Jace, these are the real hazards of my job.

We headed up to Golden Gate Canyon State Park in hopes of some glorious fall colors.  Even though the mountains have had some snow, the park had breathtaking fall coloring and it did not disappoint.  The thing that struck me about Jeff and Terra, is the way they were with each other it was like taking engagement photos.  They are still madly in love and laugh and laugh with each other.  They also clearly have each other's back.  It always makes me so happy to see other couples in love after so much time.  Huge shout out to Jeff, who went along with all of my ideas and spots.  He was a real sport.

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