TJ & Mitchell

I am constantly reminded of how small this world is.  I was contacted by Latisha to do her son and step son's senior photos. She was referred to me by her sister who used to work with me at the restaurant that shall not be given any credit.  We would find out that Latisha went to school with my husband and his sisters.  I love how the world works and how we are so closely connected.

I went up north to Frederick, Jace's hometown.  Mitchell is a cowboy, hunter, and outdoors man with a pretty B.A. truck.  (Not going to lie, Jace may be a twinge jealous of this truck).  So we went over to the lake to capture him in his element.  TJ, on the other hand, is an amazing football player.  We headed over to the high school and took photos of him in his element on the football field.

These two boys were the nicest, most considerate, kind gentleman.  I was so impressed that they were so willing to do anything we asked of them all with gorgeous smiles.  After we were done, they kindly thanked me, as if there weren't 1,000 other things that they probably would have been doing.  Well I can sincerely say, it was all my pleasure!!!

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