The Arnolds

Truth....I have fat fingers.  This isn't usually a problem until occasionally I get a Facebook notification comes up and says, "(Insert person I don't know) has accepted your friend request."  I panic and immediately pull them up to see if we have anyone in common.  If we do, I then go through their feed and see if it is someone that seems like a good person or not.  (There are some weirdos out there).  If they pass these criteria, I will not delete them.  

So this is one of those stories.  I requested Laurie to be my friend and since we went to high school together, we had some mutual friends and she accepted my weirdo request kindly.  Instantly I really liked Laurie.  She is married to Wes and they have a gorgeous daughter named Julia along with a massive Goldendoodle named Maccorni.  Laurie writes a blog about being Julia's mother and their adventures together called "I'm Julia's Mom" and I was instantly hooked.  She is an amazing writer and I could read her stuff all day.  But what struck me the most was how positive Laurie was about everything she does.  It has honestly made me change the way I think about things.

Laurie reached out to me to do her family pictures and I totally instantly was honored and started fan-girling her, "Thank you for choosing me to capture your photos but I'm such a fan of you and your blog and I love it and I'm just so excited to meet you!"  Awesome, Kate.  That's not creepy at all.  Laurie has no idea who you are and now you are her biggest fan?  But the truth is, I was.

Although it was December, it was 60 degrees and the weather was gorgeous!  Laurie, Wes, and Julia were just as amazing, kind, funny and positive as their Facebook feed shows them to be and I was instantly in love with this family.  Julia was all smiles for me.  My favorite thing in the world is that Julia says hello by an Eskimo kiss.  How can anyone be in a bad mood after this?  I kinda think we should all do this.  We all just hit it off and by the end of the session, they were kind enough to invite me to their Christmas party.  I think we are going to be friends for a long time.  Thank you guys for letting me take your pictures and not being weirded out by the strange Facebook friend, who is now also your biggest fan!  As Wes told me, "There are no mistakes."