Davis 2017 Letter

Forgive me that I didn't actually mail this.  I think I have actually mailed out holiday cards twice in the 13 years I've been with Jace.  So let's play pretend.  Pretend you just went to your mailbox, opened our holiday card and you are impressed at the quality of paper of this amazing holiday letter.

Xander and Sienna Christmas CardnPS.jpg

Let's talk about the Christmas miracle that the above photo is.  Xander has hugged his sister two times this year and this was one of them.  Shout out to Vikas and Elaine who I forced them to let us crash their photoshoot because I knew if someone else was around, my kids would actually listen to me and do what I say.

So I started a new business this year.  Not sure if you have heard about it.  (Insert sarcasm)  I was really excited about chasing my dream, having a flexible schedule all while being able to keep up a perfect house.   Here's what we thought that would look like....


But the truth is it was a ton of blood, sweat and tears and so much harder than I had anticipated.  Huge thank you to Jace for riding this roller coaster with me and being behind me and supporting this crazy venture.  What I found was chasing your dreams actually looks like this....


But I wouldn't have changed a single thing and I was blown and away and humbled by how many people trusted me to capture their moments.  I really do feel like a very lucky lady and the best part of my job was reconnecting with so many amazing people that I have lost contact with over the years and I met so many really awesome people as well that I hope to have lifetime friendships with!

We didn't get up to the mountains as much as I would have hoped for this year.  Although we did do the Hanging Lake hike for Jace's birthday and everyone really had a good time.  Super good.

Hanging Lake-For Blog.jpg

Sienna got super hot and started a new fashion trend for outdoor adventurers. 

Hanging Lake-For Blog 2-2.jpg

But going 1,000 feet up in less than a mile had it's perks.

Hanging Lake-For Blog-7.jpg

Part of the reason we didn't make it up to the mountains very much was we decided instead of moving houses to stay and work on what we had.  Jace did a kitchen remodel, and when I say Jace did a kitchen remodel, I don't mean he made some calls and people came over, I mean on his weekends he woke up early and worked on the house all weekend long after crushing it at his job at Four Winds.  (He's management now and he's going to ask you to stay late....that would be great)  He's kinda my hero.

Jace Construction.jpg

The kitchen remodel meant some readjustments.  Breakfast wasn't really the same.

Construction Breakfast.jpg

And I think the highlight was when I had to let the neighbors know what was going on because there wasn't any water on the first floor, so you had to go to the front or back porch to get water for your pasta, only to turn around and pour the hot water in a planter when it was done, and we aren't being crazy.  Just camping in an expensive tent.

Over this damn remodel.  

Over this damn remodel.  

Please enjoy the progression of our kitchen...

Floors of 1976 past...nice pick mom.

Floors of 1976 past...nice pick mom.

2008  It's glorious and amazing.

2008  It's glorious and amazing.

Kitchen Spring 2017

Kitchen Spring 2017

And the end result Fall 2017.

And the end result Fall 2017.


2017 wasn't the best year and it wasn't the worst.  Xander still passionately hates homework and Sienna still passionately loves unicorns.  I'm still klutzy and drive Jace crazy, but he loves me.  I think.  We hope you had a good 2017, and if not, it can kick rocks because 2018 is around the corner with hope and promise. 

Sending much love!

Jace, Kate, Xander & Sienna

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Low Light 2.jpg
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Last Days of 10-3.jpg
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Nuncla Duncla Day-2.jpg
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