Brian and Katie

I met Brian and Katie about 5 years ago when I was bartending.  They were the kind of customers who were always so kind to me, made me laugh, always took care of me and became real friends.  They are two of the MOST kind hearted people you will meet.  When I was really down on my luck they didn't hesitate to help me out.  When I found out they were engaged, I was just over the moon.  They simply just belong together.

Brian and Katie ride motorcycles.  Not like Katie rides on the back of Brian's.  Oh no, the girl has her own! So, of course, we had to incorporate those!  We headed down to Morrison, Colorado to the famed Red Rocks Amphitheater.  The clouds looked a little threatening, but they didn't do anything but provide perfect light and after a little while, some furry friends showed up as well.

Katie and Brian.jpg