The Adams Family

I met Stephanie years ago when we were first embarking on motherhood and we instantly clicked. We had a lot of similarities that others may not have understood.  We went over to Thornton's Eastlake and took our photos.  Kudos to them for having smiles, because the first mosquitos of the season were out and they were hungry!!

Her middle child was so darn cute!  You can tell he is going to be doing something with film. He helped me pick locations for the photos and some poses.  I loved it!  Their oldest, Haydon was absolutely stunning and so good and patient with her little brothers.  The youngest, Landon, was one of the most fun animated little boys.  In another post, I will show some of his greatest photos.  Stephanie was a beautiful glowing mama to be and Jay was a proud Dad.  On a personal level, these were so fun to take.  Their smiles, their health, their love.  There are no words I can come up with to express how happy I am to see my friend's family happy, healthy and growing!