I met Elaine on October 14, 1980, when my mother presented her to me as my baby sister.  I looked at her, pinched her as hard as I could and said, "I love you, baby."  It has been magic ever since.

Kieran came into this world in June and Elaine asked me to do her newborn photos.  This makes me nervous.  First of all, newborns are the worst when you give them direction.  You tell them to sleep, they say, no thanks and stay up for as long as possible.  You pose them, they wake up.  They can be real jerks.  Elaine and I agreed that we would just do a lifestyle session.  After a rough start, we thought 7-week photos would be perfect! 

We had such a fun afternoon.  We talked, took a bath and then Kieran, being quite the party animal passed out in my arms and of' course I fell a little bit more in love with my sweet nephew.  It is so much fun to watch my sister be a mom.  It is also so much fun to love, snuggle and soak up all that baby love and then go home and sleep.  Elaine I promise, sleep is coming again one day!  Kieran, Yaya (which is translation for Aunt Crazy Kate) loves you so much!

Please enjoy some serious cuteness!