Sarah & Shawn

I freaking love my job. LOVE IT! I love capturing true love.  I feel so happy by capturing it.  When you photograph couples who are just so in tune with each other, when they fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, when you see them have inside jokes, and their faces just light up when they look at each other and you see that sparkle in their eye when they look into each other's eyes.  You can't help but be happy and be filled with happiness and just have a little bit more positive and hopeful outlook on life.

Everything I just said above is exactly how it all played out when I captured Sarah & Shawn's engagement session in the mountains above Boulder.  These two were so sweet together, and so easy to capture their love as it just shined through.  I loved how they just laughed together and were so sweet on each other.  

Sarah and Shawn live up in the mountains, Shawn told me how he used to race his motorcycle through the Colorado mountains, Sarah didn't have to tell me she was a mountain girl.  She hiked around the rocks in heels easier than I did in my hiking around in my hiking boots.  When I shot them there you could tell that they were in their element and in love.

I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them.  I cannot wait for their mountain wedding this summer.


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