Amanda & Ty

When I first talked to Amanda, she told me that she and Ty were the outdoor type.  That they became engaged on a hike up in the mountains.  They sounded exactly like my kind of people.  We decided to go to St. Mary's Glacier for their engagement photos as they were looking for some snow in the setting.  I kept an eye on the weather and it looked like snow was in the forecast for our chosen day.  They didn't even flinch.  (YES!!!!!!!!!!)  When they got out I just started laughing, for the love of god they looked like professional models.  I have the BEST clients! 

When I first got there it was a bluebird day but you could see the weather creeping in over the mountains. I wondered how our session would end. We started out exploring the forest and quickly started post-holing through the snow.   In a few sections I ended up waist deep. They were never deterred, and just smiled and laughed.  I loved how very sweet and concerned Ty was for Amanda.  As we jumped over a creek I heard him sweetly say to Amanda, "Watch out little one."  It was said with so much care and so much love that my heart absolutely melted. 

As our session ended the snow started to fall and by the time we got to our car it was coming down pretty good.  This session was perfectly timed.  I am so thrilled to be capturing their upcoming wedding this December.  It is sure to be just as dreamy as their engagement session was.  I hope you enjoy Amanda and Ty's engagement photos as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

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