A Denver City Park Engagement Session with Sam and Bryn

I spend the majority of my sessions capturing my couples in love in the mountains.  It’s what I do -- it’s what I love. However, there is still so much more to Colorado than just her lovely mountains.  There are the serene Eastern Plains, the breathtaking Western Slope, and of course, her heart: the City of Denver. When Bryn and Sam decided to have their engagement photos done at City Park, I was really excited for a little bit of city love.

Sam and Bryn are your typical Colorado couple, and you will find them climbing and exploring the mountains.  Sam has well over forty 14ers under his belt (I’m crazy impressed with this). You can’t help but instantly love this couple.  They make you laugh, and they are very in love and are just completely comfortable and goofy around each other. I couldn’t help but smile and be excited for them in this new chapter of the life they are starting.  They have many photos in the mountains and were looking for something just a wee bit different.

We headed over to City Park.  I love this park because you get to see the Denver skyline, the mountains with a beautiful lake, and it’s all in the backyard of the Museum of Nature and Science.  The backdrop is absolutely iconic. The weather was perfect, the lighting was gorgeous, and these two were on fire. They danced, played tag, had some wine, and had a sunset picnic.  Their chemistry was just undeniable, and you could see when they looked at each other the rest of the world faded away. This was not my typical session, but I loved every single minute of it!  I cannot wait to capture their wedding this winter, but for now, enjoy their summer engagement session.

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