I'm here! I swear!!!


I’m here I swear! I had the best summer photographing weddings and capturing so much love. So many happy tears and laughter. From Telluride, down to Keystone, engagement sessions at Maroon Bells, over to weddings in Evergreen, elopements in Boulder, back to my hometown of Arvada and just a good old time in Downtown Denver. I have loved every second of it, and it has been the most amazing summer of my life.

However my silence is due to my editing. I know how excited my couples are to get their photos so my main focus has been making sure to get the photos to them as soon as possible and because of this I have let some of my storytelling go. I’ve given up doing dishes and just drink all my coffee straight from the pot. (It’s about efficiency ya know?) But I’m slowly getting out of my editing hole.

Shout out to the hubs who hasn’t divorced me and picked up my slack so many times. Also shout out to my friends who understand me and my job and when I say, “We should do something soon!” That soon means 3 weeks from now at the soonest, and they still stay my friends!

As the season slows down I’m so excited to blog and share my couples amazing love stories and days. I have been keeping my Instagram going, but that was the best I could do this summer. I promise to do better during 2019 wedding season. So keep a look out for upcoming blogs!

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