Colorado Kate

“Your life is your own story, and you and only you should write it and have the power to let your story unfold.”

Photo credit:  Anna Hudson

Photo credit: Anna Hudson

Photo Credit: Heather Cline of  Anderloch

Photo Credit: Heather Cline of Anderloch

Quick Facts by the Year:

How many days I ask my husband for a new puppy: 300 days.
How many days I eat dessert: 20 days.
How many photos I take a year: 300,000 photos (this seems low to me).
How edited many photos I deliver to clients: Over 20,000.
How many days I believe you should life your life the way you want: 365 days.
How many 14ers I’ve climbed: 4.
How many days I say, “I want a drink”: 365 days.
How many days I drink: 0 days.

Photo Credit: Jace Davis (he told me not to credit him)

Photo Credit: Jace Davis (he told me not to credit him)

Yes I’m out of focus. This what happens when you give your camera to your husband. (Hire a professional) But as a friend said, “He’s focusing on what is most important.” (Ha)

Within two months, both my parents passed away. This forced me to break the chains of their hopes and dreams for me and figure out what my own life should look like through my own eyeballs.  It was around this same time I met the man who I drag around everywhere to this day, Jace.

I finally found someone who helped me be me to the fullest.  Someone I could banter with, be uber sarcastic with and he just got me.  I truly believe you can get through anything in life with some laughs.  We have survived some of our darkest times by finding a way to laugh and it makes our pain more bearable.  Fun Fact:  I laugh at funerals sometimes, it’s really awkward.  (Sorry to Jace’s grandmother who we giggled uncontrollably through her funeral because the priest sounded exactly like the minister on Napoleon Dynamite)

Photo Credit:  Jason DeWitt

Photo Credit: Jason DeWitt

Fun Facts About Kate

I started photography when I was forced to take it in college for my art degree. My professor was hot, so I attended every single 8 am class. I fell in love that semester, but with photography. I learned photography on film in college along with art history and all that jazz, however I am self taught when it comes to digital. (So that should tell you my age.)

I hate eating fish. HATE IT. I got engaged to my husband contingent on eating one bite of Fish and Chips; I choked it down. I love that man.

I have two children. They look nothing like me, but when they open their mouths, you will fully know they are mine.

I hate mornings, but I choose to get up at 5 am to drink coffee so I won't eat my children.

I'm an outdoor girl. I'm happiest when I'm on my kayak, hiking in our gorgeous mountains or outside walking around in the city.

Nobody is more terrified of snakes than I am. This works out well when I'm out running and I scream at every stick in the grass.

Things my peeps have said about me (I’m blushing):

“….On our wedding day, she felt like a best friend who was always in the perfect place to capture the important parts.” Sarah & Randy F.

”…It is very clear that she truly loves what she does. She is so passionate about capturing peoples’ relationships and we could just hear her joy behind the camera….” Jamie K.

“…Kate was able to capture our love in such a real and beautiful way. She got to know us as people and made sure our personalities shined throughout her work…” Bryn N.

“…You’re not super great at cleaning the house but I still love you…” Jace, my hubs

Photo Credit:  Base Camp Visual

Photo Credit: Base Camp Visual