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Do you like Pina Colodas….and getting caught in the rain?


Well heeelllooo there!! I’m Colorado Kate, a girl who loves banter, sarcasm and taking care of people. I am a huge believer in making sure that your Colorado wedding is perfect…for you! I know what it’s like to have everyone have an opinion on how your day should go, but the only way your day should go is how you want it to, and I’m here to help you have the day that honors your genuine love.


About Colorado Kate

Hey I’m Kate. Fun fact: a few lifetimes ago I used to do the weather for a radio station and I would end with, “This is Kate the weather chick…” Fast forward today and now I would say, “This is Colorado Kate, the wedding photography chick!”

I’ve lived in Colorado all my life, so when you hire me as your Colorado wedding photographer, you’re getting an expert who knows this place through and through. From the beat of Denver to the natural surroundings of our gorgeous Rocky Mountains, there’s no place I’d rather be photographing weddings.




The Colorado Kate Experience

How we do this dance. You see me across the room, our eyes meet, and you think to yourself, “She can’t be serious dancing that way?” But you realize I dance like no one is watching, and it makes you laugh and you want to join. Now what?

Step 1: Contact Form

Hit that “Let’s Dance” button! Tell me all about you.  

Step 2: Let’s see how we dance together

From here let’s schedule a phone call, drinks, coffee or if you don’t feel like wearing pants that day, a Skype. Let’s see if we jive together. 

Step 3: We jam together!

Let’s get to know each other on a deeper level. I’m here for you! You want to learn the Dirty Dancing lift? Let’s do it! So when it comes to day of, you trust me to lift you up and have the time of your life.

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The Word Around the Campfire

Reviews From My Wedding Couples

“Let’s talk about our wedding photographer Colorado Kate. She was professional, she went above and beyond, she made us feel valued and beautiful, she was hilarious, and oh so talented. We are so damn thankful. Keep her in mind!”

“Kate is absolutely incredible to work with from start to finish! My husband and I got married last summer, 2018, and could not be happier and more grateful to have had Kate! She is always organized and professional, yet fun and made us feel so comfortable!…”


My husband (Ryan) and I got married August 19th, 2018 up at Timber Ridge in Keystone Colorado. A place that is so incredibly special to us we knew we would need someone special as our photographer. Someone who could capture and appreciate all the beauty this place had to offer. We were looking for a photographer that was willing to go on an adventure with us up to 11,444 ft above sea level (two gondola rides), make that extra effort to get the amazing angle and to have a positive uplifting energy that would make it all fun. We knew Kate was the photographer we were looking for! My husband and I are not the posing for photos type of couple, most of our go to pics are goofy, jumping in the air photos so the thought of having to pose on an assembly line with all our bridal party, family and friends was kind of pain point in the wedding planning process. Luckily, Kate asked us for list of photos we would want to look back on in 50+ years, she didn’t just want to shoot the basic boring photo ops that no one ever looks at years later. Ryan and I sat down, hammered out a list and passed it on to Kate. Day of the wedding we honestly forgot we gave Kate and her assistant a list, everything was so fluid and natural and FUN! One of the biggest qualities of Kate, is the TRUST we had in her. Throughout the day, I never had to worry that this or that was being captured. Kate and her assistant were on it!….”

“ I was nervous about choosing a photographer who matched my own style and personality, but after I saw Kate's gorgeous, natural editing and emotional photographs, and spoke with her on the phone for probably close to an hour, I knew I had to have her on my wedding day. I didn't even nail down a date until I knew Kate was available….”

“…She (Kate) was responsive, creative, flexible, and so easy to work with. She made us feel comfortable and our engagement photos as well as wedding photos turned out amazing. She is great at capturing candid moments showing the true emotion our day…”


“Kate did such an amazing job taking couples photos of my girlfriend and I. She was so accommodating and always making sure we were happy and comfortable through the whole session. It is very clear that she truly loves what she does. She is so passionate about capturing peoples’ relationships and we could just hear her joy behind the camera. The photos turned out amazing! We absolutely love them!”