Laugh your ass off and have the best day of your life.


If you don’t love your experience, I promise you will not love your photos, even if they turn out epic.

I always feel like these paragraphs always have to be so deep and full of why I am going to be the best photographer for you and why I’m different from everyone else. But let’s be real here, I don’t know if I’m the best photographer for you, because I don’t know you yet. If you don’t like your photographer, you’re not going to get photos that you love.

It’s one of the things I feel so passionate about for my couples. That they have their own wedding their way, whatever way that is. With a ton of family, no family, 2 people or 500, as long as they are doing it way they want. I want my couples to have their own ideas, and be willing to share them. I’m at wedding every weekend so I’m the perfect sounding board for anything you need. I’m here to give you all the support to ensure you have your day, and set the first steps for the rest of your lives on your own terms.

Let’s set up a phone call, and we can photographer date and see if there is going to end up as all going down the aisle. I’m here to make this more than just a one night stand.



How do we do this dance? You see me across the room, our eyes meet and you think to yourself, “She can’t be serious dancing that way?” But you realize I dance like no none is watching, and it makes you laugh and you want to join. Now what?

Step 1: Fill Out The Contract Form
Hit that “Let’s Dance” button! Tell me about you both.

Step 2: Let’s See How We Dance Togehter
From here let’s schedule a phone call, drinks, coffee or if you don’t feel like wearing pants that day, let’s Skype! Let’s see if we jive together. This is the first stop of the journey of an amazing dance.

Step 3: We Jam Together!
Let’s get to know each other on a deeper level. I’m here for you! You want to learn the Dirty Dancing lift? So when it comes to your big day, you trust me to life you up and have the time of your life. (But the only thing I actually promise to lift up are my lenses, but I promise to capture the time of your life)


Rumors About Colorado Kate


“My husband and I are not the posing for photos type of couple, most of our go to pics are goofy, jumping in the air photos so the thought of having to pose on an assembly line with all our bridal party, family and friends was kind of pain point in the wedding planning process. Luckily, Kate asked us for list of photos we would want to look back on in 50+ years, she didn’t just want to shoot the basic boring photo ops that no one ever looks at years later. Ryan and I sat down, hammered out a list and passed it on to Kate. Day of the wedding we honestly forgot we gave Kate and her assistant a list, everything was so fluid and natural and FUN.” Erin K.

“She was responsive, creative, flexible, and so easy to work with. She made us feel comfortable and our engagement photos as well as wedding photos turned out amazing. She is great at capturing candid moments showing the true emotion our day.” Brittany T.

“Kate was so encouraging and went with the flow of everything, and she made me feel BEAUTIFUL (I had a moment where I complained about having to wear makeup, DON'T JUDGE, you'll have some sort of weird moment on your day too!). She was so passionate and excited about our love and creating art with it. Her turn-around time was quick, and the amount and the quality of the photos we received was just perfect.” Sarah F.

“You’re the worst, I hate you.” My son, Xander D.,when I wouldn’t let him have ice cream for breakfast.